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Kelowna Montessori Preschool

We now have two preschool locations. Please contact us for more information:

East Kelowna

Phone: 250-860-1165


West Kelowna

Phone: 250-869-5185


Areas of Development

Dr. Montessori believed that children develop in stages, which she called the “Planes of Development:”

The First Plane: The Absorbent Mind

  • Birth to three years old: Unconscious absorbent mind
  • Three to six years old: Conscious absorbent mind

The Curriculum

Practical Life Skills:

  • Develops muscle control and coordination
  • Develops a sense of physical and mental order
  • Develops concentration and perseverance
  • Develops independence

Sensorial Development:

  • Develops and refines the senses
  • Fulfills a need to explore with the hands
  • Develops organization and classifying skills
  • Develops key concepts such as size, shape, texture, colour, sound, taste and smell
  • Introduces early geometry and algebra concepts


  • Practical life and sensorial work prepares the child for language
  • Composed of four elements: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Language games such as “I Spy” with concrete objects
  • Phonetic sounds taught using Sandpaper Letters
  • Insets for design to develop pencil control
  • The Large Moveable Alphabet for putting sounds together to spell words
  • Phonetic reading material in three-letter and four- (or more) letter words


  • Preparation for higher math concepts practiced in practical life and sensorial work.
  • Development through songs and games, such as echo games.
  • Development of math concepts using a wide variety of manipulatives, including but not limited to:
    • Number rods (introducing the names of numerals 1-10 and building a concrete representation).
    • Sandpaper numerals (introducing the symbols 1-10).
    • Spindle box (introducing zero).
    • Golden beads (introducing the decimal system of thousands, hundreds, tens, units).
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